After 9 whole years, the 20-year-old received monetary compensationtoday, Patronuswhich at the start of “Carnival 2014” he had lost 90% of his vision in his left eye when he was blinded by a faulty firework.

The courtin the first instance, awarded to the family of the minorthen, victim, amount of 170,000 euros.

The legal battle continued and the Municipality of Patreon was obliged to pay 400,000 euros.

Finally, after a compromise between the family and the municipal authority, an agreement was reached performance of 300,000 euros, in three installments and the first of 100,000 euros has already been paid.

The unfortunate incident took place during the mayorship of Yiannis Dimaras and was due to the failure of the pyrotechnician, who was in charge of throwing the fireworks, to take preventive measures.

According to the reasoning of the court decision, moisture had penetrated the sparklers, which had been imported from China, which could have been avoided if the fireworks had been inspected on the eve of the Carnival Opening Ceremony and not 3 months before!

The 11-year-old student, that year, had shocked the whole of Greece with his adventure and despite the efforts of the doctors, the loss of his sight was not avoided.

The compensation of the unfortunate young man comes to be added to many dozens of court decisions, which have as their focus the Patrino Carnival.

Sources of the municipal authority have calculated that in recent years, approximately €6 million have been paid from the funds of the Municipality to various creditors, who have appeared with decisions of the Court in hand and concern unpaid obligations of the two previous municipal authorities, G. Dimaras and A. Fura.

The president of the municipal council, Panagiotis Melas, pointed out to “Peloponnisos” that the financial management of the Municipality is in a very good stage:

We received loans, taken 15 years ago, amounting to 28 million euros, and we have repaid 21 million euros. And all this despite the fact that state funding has been significantly reduced in recent years. The old Municipality of Patras alone received 51 million euros and now that the four neighboring former municipalities have already been incorporated, only 23 million euros enter its coffers annually…».