The harmless passage of boats is normally allowed in the national territorial waters, according to sources of the Ministry of Shipping, on the occasion of the complaints of the president of the Fishing Association of Kythira Giorgos Kontoleon that Turkish fishing boats are casting nets near the coast of Kythira.

The same sources point out to APE – BPE that the particular vessel depicted in the video does not fish in national territorial waters, but is a tug that drags empty fish cages in order to transport them to the central Mediterranean or off Malta, where they will be transferred from other large licensed fishing vessels, bluefin tuna.

These tugs will then transport the tuna cages to fattening farms in Turkey.

This is a specific process that takes place every year and at the end of June, the same boats with cages full of catch will return in the same way, to their country.

It is also emphasized that even in the event that the weather conditions are prohibitive, such a fishing vessel may, upon permission, request its anchorage in a safe place.

The specific vessels, like the fishing vessels, are checked daily by European and Greek satellite systems, while helicopters of the coast guard have carried out and are carrying out checks from the air.