Before the appellant – investigator which handles the multi-fatal tragedy in Tempi, three executives of the OSE are expected to meet today, Monday, May 29, in order to apologize for the train accidenta, after the deadline they got last Friday.

This is the former president and managing director of OSE Spyridonas Pateras, as well as two members of the transfer committee Athanasios Kottaras and Styliani Koliopoulos, who are accused of their involvement in the placement of the 59-year-old station master of Larissa in this particular position.

It is recalled that it has been practiced in the last two criminal prosecution by the head of the Prosecutor’s Office for breach of duty.

As far as the investigation is concerned, the appellant investigator Bakimis has already ordered the carrying out an expert opinion from Italian experts and in particular by two technical employees of the Italian company Hitachi Rail SpA.

Mr. Bakaimis also ordered the execution of a digital representation (animation) of the collision of the trains by an expert cinematographer who will work with the already appointed expert engineers, as the lawyer Alexis Kougias who represents who represents the families of 11 deceased had mentioned in his announcement and 8 injured in the tragedy in Tempi.