Today’s first day is going without any problems National Examinations for Vocational High Schools, according to information from the Ministry of Education.

EPAL candidates are examined today, Thursday, in the New Greek course, which is a General Education course.

The subjects in which they are examined will be known shortly.

It is recalled that this year’s commencement of the All-Hellenic Examinations comes after two days of suffering for a portion of the high school graduates, who were unable to complete the intramural exams on Monday, as planned, due to cyber-attacks on the Subject Bank system and the long delays that they caused.

However, the Ministries of Education and Digital Governance had assured in the previous days that the platform of EDYTE – which received the malicious attacks – “is completely distinct from the system for broadcasting subjects of the National Examinations”.

Beginning of exams for high schools as well

Today, Thursday, the promotional and graduation exams for high school students begin. Their exams will last until June 15.