A priest who was brought to trial for violating the measures against the coronavirus and inciting disobedience, during the first “quarantine”, in April 2020, was found not guilty.

This is about a priest who works in the church of the Royal Church of Thessaloniki, who was charged after a preliminary investigation ordered by the Prosecutor’s Office.

The intervention was caused by a publication on a local website, according to which the priest violated the measures on M. Paraskevi, opening the church and allowing believers to worship the Epitaph.

According to the publication (which was adopted in the case file), he himself is alleged to have been against the measures and vaccines, “dividing” the believers with his words.

“We were making great efforts inside the temple to maintain calm and peace among the faithful and to protect their health,” the priest said in his apology, stressing that the issue of vaccines is a medical issue and not a spiritual one. For allowing the faithful to worship, he apologized for following the relevant circular of the Diocese to which he belongs and the pilgrimage lasted only one hour.