Opinion – Copo Cheio: Colorado launches IPA with rapadura in a bottle with 100% recycled shards


One of the first labels created by the Colorado brewery, from Ribeirão Preto, became an immediate classic among the artisanal ones: an Indian pale ale with the addition of brown sugar, the Indica. A success with the public and critics, the beer was awarded at festivals in Brazil and abroad.

Now, already part of Ambev’s portfolio, Indica gets a little reinterpretation with roasted malts, called Black Indica. The beer has the aroma of brown sugar even more accentuated by the malts and darker color. The alcohol content of 7.0% and the bitterness of 45 IBU (scale up to 120) are exactly the same as the traditional formula.

Black Indica is the 18th launch of the Brasil com S line, which highlights ingredients that value the country’s biodiversity and has already had beers with coconut, guava, cumaru, cocoa, paçoca, passion fruit, etc.

To complete, Black Indica’s glass packaging is made with 100% recycled glass shards, courtesy of Ambev’s glass factory in Rio. Normally, glass bottles used in breweries use an average of 50% recycled material, at times less — the rest comes from virgin raw materials.

“Colorado has always sought to bring creativity to its launches, with respect and care for nature and the environment. Brasil com S nº 18 [Black Indica] mixes all this in one place, not only in the recipe, but also in the packaging development”, celebrates Daniel Carneiro, brand marketing manager.

Black Indica is available in the various units of Bar do Urso and arrives on Monday (17) at the ecommerce Empório da Cerveja.


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