In the arrest of four peoplewho damaged shops and attacked police officers in the center of Athens, after a protest rally, ELAS proceeded yesterday.

According to the police, yesterday, shortly before 7 pm, about 100 people took place protest rally in Syntagma Square.

Those gathered remained on the sidewalk of Amalia Avenue, on the steps of Syntagma Square until 8:15 p.m., when they left in different directions.

A little bit laterat 21.00, about 60 people who participated in the gathering, moving alone, gathered again in Agia Irini Square and moving towards Monastiraki Square via Aiolos and Ermou streets, caused damages in 7 stores.

As mentioned in the announcement of ELAS, OPKE police officers. who were on duty at the scene, were attacked by the group of individuals, by throwing stones, marbles and glass bottles.

The police forces repelled the attackers, who dispersed through Athena and Ermou streets and the adjacent METRO and ISAP stations in different directions.

During their departure, the individuals damaged an automatic card reader at the ISAP station.

From the point four people were arrested who participated in the above criminal acts.

A case file was filed against them for the offenses of violence against officials and judicial persons, disturbance of the public peace, attempted bodily harm against a police officer, insult, damage to foreign property by complicity and violation of the law on weapons, explosives, explosive devices and other provisions.

the case was pre-investigatively handled by the State Security sub-directorate of the Attica Security Directorate.

Those arrested were taken to the competent prosecuting authority.