Her island Syros he is “shaking” tonight, wearing his holiday clothes because two exceptional children, recognized businessmen, with special madness (in a good sense) and strong company were united by the bonds of marriage… which had surprises in store for them!

The president of KTEL Syros and owner of KTEO Syros married today at noon the chosen one of his heart, a businessman of the island.

The first mystery took place in the Catholic Church of Evangelistria, while the second, in Panagitsa in Chroussa.

A fun wedding, with smiles, music, surprises for the beloved couple who seemed to be pleasantly surprised by the preparations…

The bride arrived accompanied by instruments, relatives and friends at the Catholic church, where the groom was eagerly waiting for her. With the end of the Catholic mystery, the tsabuna, the tumbaki and the lute, began to give a traditional rhythm on the pedestrian street of Hermoupolis, with the beloved couple walking the distance, dancing and having fun, this time not with the group of “Zavas” ” at the Syrian Carnival but with the Zavos… their friends!