Not guilty by majority (2-1), was decided by the Three-member Misdemeanor Appeals Court one 53-year-old teacher for negligence against a 6-year-old studentin a school in Polykastro Kilkis.

The accused of “abuse of a minor” was found not guilty by a majority (2-1) and in the first degree, by the Three-member Misdemeanor Court, after the exculpatory motion of the district attorney.

The case was heard in appellate court following an appeal brought by another prosecutor against the first-instance acquittal.

In the Court of Appeal, the district attorney suggested the defendant’s guilt but the teacher was once again acquitted by a majority as the chairperson again voted against.

During his apology the 53-year-old denied the charge and maintained his innocence. “A complaint was made to the school principal that I touched a child where I shouldn’t have. I contacted the mother by phone but she said that she did not want any communication with me and that she addressed the Justice. I was shocked, I didn’t know how they got to my face. At 53 years old, can I cuddle a 6-year-old? I said it’s a misunderstanding. Mother insisted I had sexual intent. She informed the people, the local radio. The whole scenario was staged. I am innocent, I have done nothing” the teacher claimed.

He also pointed out that: “I believe that S. would not say anything about me. He had a weakness for me. I saw the children, they were alone and no one was playing with them. I was trying to integrate them. I was loved by the whole school. The children were running at me and I had to hug them. I didn’t call them. I wasn’t petting them. I have a child this age. Children perform better when they feel the teacher is a friend and not a punishment. My goal is educational. It is unthinkable if he said I fondled him through the clothes. I’m outgoing, that’s my type. I don’t know if this is misunderstood. Nothing untoward happened. These are fictions. The mother put them out of her mind because she has such experiences.”

The incident was recorded in 2019. Parents of twins studying in the 1st grade of Polykastro Kilkis primary school filed the relevant complaint.

They reported that a full-day school teacher sexually molested their 6-year-old son as he transported them. The public prosecutor was informed and criminal proceedings were initiated with the known result.