SYRIZA – PS gives an answer to ND regarding the statements of SYRIZA MP candidate Athena Linou about cancer patients and life extension when there is no room for treatment.

As Koumoundourou states in her statement, “After three deaths of our fellow citizens due to deficiencies in the EKAB and the chilling statement of Mr. Pneumatikos who revealed the hidden agenda of the ND in Health to shrink the NHS and reduce costs by screening patients, the ND tries with vulgar distortions to convince that we are all the same”

“Mr. Pneumatikos, who was not even disapproved of, asked for the privatization of hospitals and a reduction in costs by screening patients in the National Health Service, depending on whether they are in a terminal stage. Ms. Linou never related patient care to the cost of treatment. He said the exact opposite: That the NHS and the state should provide palliative treatment and support even at home to terminally ill patients and their relatives. In other words, he asked for an increase in spending and a better quality NHS”, he adds.

“No matter what fake news the ND creates, the truth is that Mr. Mitsotakis has as a hidden agenda the reduction of expenses for the NHS and the promotion of patients in the private sector – if they have to pay, while the SYRIZA PS wants to increase them and universal access for all to public free quality care”, emphasizes SYRIZA – PS, attaching the entire statement of Ms. Linou.

Ms. Linou’s statement in detail:

“I think a review of all things is needed. In the final stage we should already have hospices and provision of relief and support services for these people and their relatives. I mean, a dying person on high doses of expensive cancer drugs probably can’t be saved. But the quality of his life in the last stages and the quality of life of his relatives in the last stages of the dying patient are very important and we do not provide that as a country. If you see, in the families of doctors – and older doctors, I would say, wise doctors – we don’t tend to prolong the lives of our loved ones and we don’t choose to prolong our own lives, when it is a given that there is no complete cure, we don’t there is a possibility of treatment”.