Today, Monday, the submission of applications for affiliation to the “Excoionamo 2023” program, on the platform, begins will remain open until September 15.

It is estimated that 20,000 households will join the program, with a budget of 300 million euros, of which 60 million are allocated exclusively to vulnerable households with the aim of combating energy poverty.

Investment support rates scale from 40 to 75%, depending on household income, while the remaining amount can be borrowed at a subsidized interest rate.

Eligible interventions are:

1. Replacement of frames

2. Installing/upgrading thermal insulation

3. Heating/cooling system upgrade

4. Domestic hot water system using Renewable Energy Sources

5. Other Energy Saving Interventions (smart home management system).

For each eligible residence (detached house or apartment), the interventions must necessarily lead to an upgrade by at least three energy categories and at least to category B when it is a radical renovation, in order to ensure primary energy savings of more than 30%.

It is noted that:

After the submission of the applications and only for the applications eligible in principle, a deadline of 75 days will be given for the submission of the Electronic Building Identity/Detached Property.

Approved applications for which the applicant has chosen to be included in the program with a loan receive a 120-day deadline to initiate and complete the lending process. Within this period, a loan application must be submitted to a cooperating bank and approved. If the above period elapses, the applicant has the option to proceed with equity.

Within 365 days from the submission of the application (total deadline), the entire physical and financial object must be completed.

More information and the full program guide on the page