Two more members of the organization involved in the trafficking of more than 270 kilos of cocaine, were arrested yesterday in Thessaloniki.

According to a police statement, it is a 34-year-old woman and a 38-year-old man, against whom a case file was filed for criminal organization and violation of the Drug and Weapons Laws.

Specifically, after a relevant order from the investigator, it was carried out research in a company in the Evosmos region with the assistance of a police drug detection dog of the Directorate of Special Police Forces.

As seen in the video the dog spotted in a specially designed cache behind a built-in wardrobe, a travel bag containing 5 parcels of cocaine weighing a total of 5 kilograms and 916 grams.

In addition, the following were found and seized:

  • Amounts of heroin and amphetamine,
  • Precision Electronic Scale,
  • Mobile phones,
  • 1 rifle,
  • 1 shotgun and
  • 1 cartridge belt with 11 cartridges.

Found still a number of seals of Public Services and private companies, state license plates with corresponding relevant traffic documents, as well as a number of documents and certificates, the authenticity of which is examined.

It is recalled that on 09-05-2023 they were arrested pten people in total, including leading members of the organization, at which time more than 104 kilograms of cocaine were confiscated, while on 02-06-2023 from the ongoing investigation, more than 161 kilograms of the same narcotic substance were found and confiscated. It is noted that since the investigation so far, a total of more than 270 kilograms of cocaine have been found and seized.

Those arrested will be taken to the Judicial Authorities, where the case is at the stage of the main interrogation.