The rescued arrived in Malakasa from very dead shipwreck in front of her Pylos– there the registration and identification process will be completed, so that subsequently those who wish to submit a request for asylum, while the minors will then be transferred to corresponding structures. At the time when the ongoing searches for the missing have no results, the nine predicates for the trafficking of hundreds of migrants with the fishing boat of death, they were given a deadline to apologize on Monday.

Earlier this morning, in the port of Kalamata the hug between two brothers from SyriaFardi who came from Holland and Mohamed who is among the survivors of the shipwreck, bent everyone.

At the expense of the nine Egyptiansaged between 20 and 46, who they were pointed out as the traffickers of the migrants the indictment is criminal in nature. They are accused of forming a criminal organization concerning her illegal entry of immigrants, causing a wreck and endangering life. The eight defendants are detained at the Kalamata police station and the ninth is under guard at the city hospital.

Defendants- shipwreck

At the same time, however, questions still remain about what preceded the wreck and especially about whether or not the Coast Guard should have intervened. Reports that an attempt was made to moor the fishing vessel in order to tow it away are denied, while the Coast Guard reiterates that the passengers of the fishing vessel have repeatedly refused help saying they want to continue their route to Italy.

However, the fatal tragedy off Pylos brings the refugee-immigration issue back to the fore and the way Europe deals with it.

In that framework ecall on Europe to unite in order to draw up an effective immigration policy which will prevent the recurrence of such a tragic accident in the future, the UN Secretary General addressed yesterday Antonio Guterresanswering a question from the Star television station, during a press conference at the UN headquarters in New York.

As he pointed out, “we are in contact with the Greek authorities, but let’s be honest. This is not a Greek problem. It is a European one. I think it is time for Europe to be able, in solidarity, to define an effective immigration policy so that such an accident does not happen again.”