With I.X. bus, in which a special crypt had been built to hide passengers, eleven immigrants attempted to enter the country illegally.

In particular, during the control of the vehicle carried out by police officers of the Border Guard Department of Feron, yesterday morning, in the Kipon-Alexandroupoli section of Egnatia Road, they located the eleven people inside the specially configured crypt as well as in other areas of the vehicle. This was followed by the arrest of two foreign traffickers who were on the bus, as well as a third foreigner and a local, who were on an I.X.E. car, having transported at an earlier time and to a predetermined point – as determined by the police authorities, the bus which the two traffickers took to transport the immigrants.

Also, a few hours later, in a rural area of ​​Evros, police officers of the same service arrested another foreign smuggler, who illegally transported by I.X.E. car four immigrants.

The arrested were taken to the Alexandroupoli Prosecutor’s Office.