The candidates (GEL – EPAL) who are interested in submitting Data Sheet (MD) or also Parallel Computerized Bulletin ( P.M.D ) they will be able to address their High School from Monday, June 19 until and Friday, June 30, 2023 to acquire personal security code (password)as announced by Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs.

On the same dates, this year’s final students who have not submitted an application for participation in the 2023 nationwide exams can also contact their High School in order to create a security code (password) for submitting P.M.D.

In more detail:

A. From Monday, June 19, the following candidates must come to their High School to create a personal security code (password):

– Those who have participated in the nationwide GEL or EPAL exams in 2023, and hold or obtain a high school diploma (GEL candidates) and a high school diploma and degree (EPAL candidates), in order to then submit an M.D. for their admission to Higher Education and/or P.M.D. for their admission to a public Vocational Training Institute (I.E.K.). It is noted that in the event that a candidate submits an M.D. and a P.M.D. the personal security code (password) will be the same.

– Those graduates who took part in the nationwide exams of the day-time GEL and EPAL in the years 2021 or 2022, claiming this year 10% of the admission places, without a new exam, in order to submit a Computerized Report. It is pointed out that the graduates who are candidates for the 10%, participate in the selection process with the credits they had achieved in their last exam. These candidates do not have the possibility or the right to be re-examined in a special course or in the competitions for TEFAAS, but the points obtained in their last examination are taken into account.

– The final students of General High Schools (G.E.L.) and Vocational High Schools (E.P.A.L.) of the year 2023 who did not participate in the Pan-Hellenic Examinations but wish to submit a Parallel Computerized Report for their admission to a public Vocational Training Institute (I.E. K.).

It is pointed out that the candidates will submit the M.D. and the P.M.D. during the same period which will be announced later.

B. It is reminded that the candidates who had registered for the 2023 nationwide exams and are referred in accordance with the applicable provisions, to the repeat nationwide exams in September, submit a computerized report after the repeat exams, at which time they will be able to obtain a personal security code (password).