The homicide case was solved by the Department of Crimes against Life and Personal Freedom of the Attica Security Directorate 63 years old of a foreigner, which took place in the early hours of the previous Wednesday (7/6) at Vathi square in Athens.

The 63-year-old was outside a store when the attacker suddenly appeared in front of him holding a sharp object.

A fight ensued, during which the unknown wounded the 63-year-old man in the chest, resulting in his fatal injury.

For the investigation of the case, information and pre-investigative data were evaluated and used, from the further analysis of which it was possible to identify the elements of the perpetrator of the attack.

This is a 61-year-old foreigner, who after relevant investigations was located yesterday afternoon (15/06) in Exarchia by a special operational team, which was set up for this purpose. Items of clothing and footwear as well as a backpack, which he carried during the commission of the murder, were confiscated from his possession.

The file that was created was submitted to the competent Prosecutor, who referred the case to the main investigation and a relevant warrant was issued against the 61-year-old, with which he was arrested and will be prosecuted competently.