The mayor of Doxatos Drama, Themis Zekeridis, tragically died early this morning in a car accident.

The traffic accident happened at the height of Rodolivos, after the exit from Egnatia Odos, on the regional road of Drama-Amphipolis, when the car he was driving, for an unknown reason, collided with the protective walls of the road.

The collision, which was particularly severe, seriously injured the 70-year-old man. The EKAV rescuers extricated him with difficulty, with fractures to his upper and lower limbs. On the way to the Drama General Hospital the unfortunate man suffered a setback, but the rescuers revived him and he regained consciousness, however, shortly after arriving at the hospital he died.

Themis Zekeridis was a doctor-surgeon by profession. He was particularly loved both in the Municipality of Doxatos, where he was elected mayor for the first time in 2019, and in the society of Kavala, where he served as a doctor for many years at the city’s General Hospital.

It is noted that when the accident occurred, the 70-year-old mayor was returning in his car from Thessaloniki airport where he accompanied his wife, who was traveling to the USA to visit their children.