The plans from the military exercise “DIMOKRITOS 2023” which took place from June 12 to 16, 2023, in the area of ​​Xanthi, the Post-Army Tactical Exercise (TAMS) “DIMOKRITOS 2023”, with the aim of practical application of the knowledge of the new Lieutenants of all Weapons and Corps Order 2022 on objects of defensive and offensive operations and Administrative Care under realistic conditions.

Parts and vehicles of the XXI Armored Brigade (XXI TTHT) “PINDOS”, of the XXV Armored Brigade (XXV TTHT) “2nd CAVALRY REGIMENT – EPHESOS” and of the 1st Army Aviation Brigade (1st CLASS) “KILKIS” participated in TAMS.
LAHANA”, of the 29th Mechanized Infantry Brigade (29th M/P TAX PZ) “POGRADETS”, of the IV Materiel Warfare Brigade “ANTIPAROS” and the Engineer Command of the 4th Army Corps (D’SS) “THRACE”.

During TAMS “DEMOKRITOS”, the Second Lieutenants were trained on the field in shooting, offensive and defensive operations and in matters of Administrative Care (DM).

In addition, they watched the TAMS “The Tactical Group of Medium Tanks during the execution of a lateral counterattack in an engagement area in the context of active defense”, the process of collecting heavy technical material, as well as the demonstration of crossing water obstacles.

Finally, on Thursday, June 15, 2023, the final phase of the Exercise took place at the Petrochori Shooting Range, with the “S.IMA Counterattack” TAMS with live fire, in which the training Second Lieutenants participated and which was attended by the Inspector General of the Army – Commander of Doctrine and Training Lt. Gen. Anastasios Spanos and the Commander of the 4th Army Corps (4th SS) “THRACE” Lt. Gen. Dimokritos Konstantakos.