Investigations into the murder of the 27-year-old woman in Kos, who according to the forensic report died of suffocation, are in full progress.

The last messages of the unfortunate girl and her partner have been put under the “microscope” of the authorities, while today the 32-year-old, main suspect from Bangladesh, apologizes.

He insists that he is not Anastasia’s killer.

Information from ERT also indicates that the indictment for the man may change.

Research is now focused on results of histological and toxicological testsfrom which the perpetrator or perpetrators of the girl’s murder may emerge.

Fingerprints, DNA as well as the analysis from mobile phones are characterized as crucial for the development of the shocking case.

The answers from the laboratory tests are also considered extremely important, such as the samples from Anastasia’s fingernails that will reveal whether there is genetic material of the 32-year-old from Bangladesh, his Pakistani roommate or someone else.

According to information, it does not appear that she was beaten before her death as no fractures have been found.

It is still unclear whether she was raped before her murder.