Lucky in his misfortune was a young driver who was moving on Tuesday morning on the provincial road Atalanti – Livanaton near the cemetery of Atalanti, when they were thrown in front of him wild boar.

According to LamiaReport, the ICHE he was driving hit a huge male wild boar, resulting in its deflection from the road surface.

Although extensive material damage was caused, fortunately the young driver was not injured. Shocked, he received help from residents who heard the loud noise and ran to see what happened.

The new traffic accident occurred just 300 meters from the last houses and in a spot with olive trees.

Unfortunately, the overpopulation of wild boars in the area of ​​Atalanti has the result that these animals are now moving around the whole plain looking for their food and causing, in addition to damage to crops and traffic accidents.

As the residents describe in LamiaReport, these quadrupeds have become “everyone’s fear and terror”, as they roam even during the day in areas where agricultural work is carried out, while they also pose a great danger to passing cars.