With his second decision the Administrative Court of First Instance vindicates relatives of victims of the tragedy in Mati with the fatal fire in July 2018.

Specifically, the Three-member Administrative Court of First Instance with his (number 8941/2023) decision awarded compensation of up to 310,000 euros for monetary satisfaction due to mental anguish to relatives of victims of the tragic fire.

The appeal concerns a woman who drowned trying to escape from the firewith her relatives arguing that the omissions of the organs of the state resulted in the “torturous and painful death of their relative, who despite her age was healthy and self-sufficient”.

According to the lawyers of the victim’s relatives, Konstantinos Fyssa and Dimitris Skydra, “This decision of the Administrative Court of First Instance of Athens is pivotal and very important because it is the first case concerning victim, who drowned in the sea trying to save himself from the ravages of the fire. Also, the specific decision places responsibilities, not only on the Fire Brigade and Civil Protection, like the previous ones, but, according to the decision, also on the Region of Attica and the Municipality of Marathon for their significant omissions, which led to the tragic result”

In the trial for the criminal part of the tragedy, the officer who served in the Operations Center of the Fire Department, Michalis Avgouleas, testified in court. The witness said they were informed of the chaotic situation in the area after the signal arrived from Denmark.

The first information came from helicopter for the tourists of Denmark. One of them dialed 112 on his cell phonethe Danish network was updated and from there they requested assistance from the corresponding body in Greece”as he mentioned.