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All Together We Can: Action Report October 2021


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25T (tons) of long-lasting food, personal hygiene items and bedding were offered to the earthquake victims of Crete, of which 10T (tons) were delivered in September.

23.203kg of food, collected from the offers in the baskets of the Supermarkets and distributed to the Metropolises of all Greece and to the NGO “Apostoli”,

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€ 13,400 is the money, which was converted into food and necessary items of home and personal hygiene and was distributed to 12 Municipalities and Institutions.

€ 11,033 is the money raised from the theatrical performances “The New Child”, “Once Upon a Time on the Bosphorus”, “The Main Inspection” and “The Mousetrap”.

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€ 5,788 is the money collected from “With a cl1ck you can”, the five-digit number “19817” and from the bank account of “All Together We Can”.

7,142 units of blood were collected from 234 voluntary blood donations across the country,

5,000 are the trees that were planted in the area of ​​Northeastern Penteli.

4,483 are the volunteers who support the actions of “All Together We Can”.

And the effort of “All Together We Can” continues …



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