Targeted police checks are carried out systematically to prevent violations in areas of increased tourism and with the aim of enhancing security.

During the implementation of the above investigations, a total of 204 vehicles and 277 people were checkedof which 21 people were arrested, 17 in Zakynthos and 4 in Corfu.

The arrests involved seven people for possession of narcotics, two for noise pollution, one for violation of weapons legislation, nine for not having a driver’s license, one for not having a health certificate by a health care worker and one for interception of a transport project.

From the above, small amounts of cocaine and raw cannabis, as well as a metal collapsible gloop, were seized.

Also, during the controls, 137 violations of the Road Traffic Code were confirmed, among which, 14 for speed, one for seat belt, 35 for protective helmet, nine for not having a driver’s license, 6 for K.T.E.O. and 72 other violations.

Of the vehicles checked, 34 were stopped, whose drivers did not have a driver’s license or were not wearing a protective helmet.

The controls, reports EL.AS. will continue throughout the summer.