“I have neither done nor omitted anything to fear your judgment,” he told the court hearing the case. of the tragedy in Mati Rena Dourou, announcing that she herself will request the acceleration of the procedures for the lifting of her immunity, so that the trial can continue without interruption.

Ms. Douro’s entire statement to the Court is as follows:

“In the recent parliamentary elections of 25.06.2023, I was elected as a member of parliament in the electoral district “Western Sector of Athens” with SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance and I was sworn in on 03.07.2023 in accordance with article 59 S.

This capacity of mine obliges Your Court, which since 31.10.2022, continuously and systematically, having already held 73 meetings, adjudicates the national tragedy of 18.07.2018 in Mati, pursuant to Article 62 S, to suspend it at my expense criminal prosecution until permission is granted by the Hellenic Parliament.

I hereby declare that I waive my parliamentary immunity and the rights granted to me by the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament (Article 83) and I will ask the President of the Parliament to speed up the procedures, so that the relevant permission is quickly granted for the now unimpeded continuation of ongoing trial.

At the core of my values ​​is the equal treatment by the Justice of all citizens, powerful and powerless, prominent and not. In this context, I stood with respect towards the institution of Justice at all stages of the process and I await the audience with patience, but also with the conviction that judges who honor their function will make the just decision.

When, from the first moment of the tragedy, my political opponents, with disrespect to the victims of the national tragedy and to Justice, engaged in a conscious effort to create a climate of my guilt, with the aim of obtaining political benefits in the regional and national elections of 2019, I consciously chose not to answer. While they distorted the institutional framework that defines responsibilities, used blatant lies, such as “the Fire Department gave a recommendation for an organized preventive evacuation” and persistently falsified my statements, I looked forward to the fair judgment of the judicial bodies. I have neither done nor omitted anything for which I fear Your judgment. After all, in July 2022, under the risk of the statute of limitations, I asked in my written request to speed up the start of the trial.”