Free without conditions, until his trial at the Court of Appeal, the 30-year-old owner of a horse that drowned last Saturday in Krausidona, Volos, was released after his statement yesterday to the investigator and with the consent of the public prosecutor.

The man referred to on the charge of felony manslaughter, on the occasion of the death of one of the two horses that were tied to Kraussidon by his own rope.

According to information, the accused testified that he only left the horses in the river for a 24-hour period, for which he secured a place with shade, food and water, while there were also testimonies in his favor, because he loves his animals and takes care of them.

Witnesses who also came from Equestrian Club they reported that he cared for the animals as racehorses, while a veterinarian determined that the drowned animal was in excellent condition and showed no evidence of abandonment.

Estimates state that the animal met its death when it wanted to scratch its hoof as well got caught in the ropes of his neck.
It is noted that an administrative fine of €60,000 was confirmed by the Police against the 30-year-old.