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The beginning of winter in São Paulo was marked by higher than conventional temperatures for the coldest season of the year. But last Tuesday (4) began with the thermometers marking 3.5°C in the extreme south of the capital. To deal with the cold, some restaurants in the capital reinforce warm options on their menus.

Zillis Bar Lounge Valentine's Day Menu

Zillis Bar Lounge Valentine's Day Menu

Fondue Bourguignonne Mar & Terra with filet mignon, shrimp and special sauces – Tadeu Brunelli/Disclosure

A popular preparation at this time of year is fondue, the theme of a festival at the Zillis restaurant, in Moema. In Perdizes, Dona Canô offers a tasting of traditional broths: mocotó, crab and pumpkin — all with a Brazilian accent.

See below options for recipes served at addresses in the city of São Paulo.


Inaugurated in 1953 and remodeled in 2016, after seven years with its doors closed, the hotel and its restaurant are São Paulo icons. One of the house’s flagships is the gran bollito misto alla piemontese, a meat and vegetable stew served on a cart every last Sunday of the month for R$140 per person. The dish brings together different cuts, such as ribs and muscle.
r. Augusta, 129, Consolação, central region, tel. (11) 3236-4300, @hotelcadoro


The house, run by chef Marco Espinoza, serves chifa cuisine, a mixture of Peruvian and Chinese cuisine found in restaurants in the South American country. For winter, the restaurant’s Moema unit serves two new versions of ramen — wonton, made with chicken and pork (R$ 44), and vegetarian, with tofu, cabbage and Chinese black fungus (R$ 57). .
av. Juriti 587, Moema, south region, tel. (11) 5051-9755,

Wonton ramen served at the Cantón restaurant in Moema

Wonton ramen served at the Cantón restaurant in Moema

Wonton ramen served at Cantón restaurant, in Moema – Gina von Hertwig/Disclosure


Those who take advantage of an afternoon of lower temperatures to visit a bookstore like Megafauna can warm up with Cuia’s main course or coffee options. In addition to main dishes, such as pasta, risotto and moquecas, the place serves drinks and hot sandwiches. The house also offers hot chocolate (R$18) and chai latte (R$18), made with black tea, milk and spices. To accompany, there are two options of tostadas (R$ 29), one with sheep’s milk cheese, tomato confit and arugula, and another with hummus, tuber pickles and seeds. The space is located in the Copan building, in downtown São Paulo, and is run by chef Bel Coelho.
av. Ipiranga, 200, República, central region, @cuia_restaurante

owner canoe

This winter, the Brazilian cuisine restaurant offers a tasting of traditional broths, the three flavors that are part of the tasting are mocotó, crab and pumpkin, with 30 ml each (R$ 26.26). In addition to the so-called Tasting of Traditions, the place also offers individual portions of the dishes, which include the option of cassava with cheese (R$30).
r. doctor Cândido Espinheira, 643, Partridges, west region, @donacanorestaurante

Tasting of broths at the Dona Canô restaurant

Tasting of broths at the Dona Canô restaurant

Tasting broths at the Dona Canô restaurant – Disclosure

La nonna di Lucca

With two units in São Paulo, the restaurant mixes the flavors of Minas Gerais and Italian cuisine. Among the highlights served at the venue is spaghetti al formaggio (from R$99), which is prepared inside a piece of Blue Belt parmesan cheese in a presentation that can be seen, and filmed, by customers at a dedicated station. to the preparation.
r. Ferreira de Araújo, 445, Pinheiros, west region, @lanonnadilucca

Pasta served at La Nonna di Lucca restaurant

Pasta served at La Nonna di Lucca restaurant

Pasta served at La Nonna di Lucca restaurant – Disclosure

Portuguese ranch

Until the end of winter, the place offers a selection of soups that include a traditional Portuguese recipe wrapped in folklore from the country, the stone soup (R$ 42). At the house in Vila Olímpia, the preparation takes red beans, pork ear and meat broth. Caldo verde with Portuguese chorizo ​​(R$41), seafood soup (R$54) and asparagus cream (R$40) are also part of the festival.
av. Dos Bandeirantes, 1051, Vila Olímpia, west region, @ranchoportuguessp

Sta. woods

Headed by chef Fernanda Veiga, the restaurant serves dishes inspired by classic Italian recipes. Among the preparations designed for this winter are creamy polenta (R$29), fried bolognese lasagna (R$31) and two risotto options, one with gorgonzola cheese (R$53) and the other funghi with parmesan (R$58).
r. Miriti, 8, Itaim, tel. (11) 9 9919-5622, @sta.matta

Zillis Bar Lounge & Restaurant

On every Friday and Saturday in June and July, the venue offers the Fondue Festival for R$180 for adults and R$100 for children between 3 and 11 years old. The menu, signed by chefs José Domingos and Rogerio Siqueira, has a three-phase sequence. The first is prepared with Manchego and Gruyère cheeses, white wine and kirsch, followed by the option with filet mignon and shrimp. Finally, the milk version comes with fresh fruit, marshmallow and waffle biscuits.
av. Ibirapuera, 2927, Moema, south region, @zillisbarlounge

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