Chaidari: Two men who had an arsenal in their car were arrested


Immediate Action police arrested a 36-year-old and a 70-year-old man in Haidari on Wednesday afternoon, who are accused of forgery and violation of the law on weapons.

In particular, during a search by police officers in the truck they were riding in, the following were identified and confiscated:

-2- carbines
-1- click gun
-4- knives
-5- shotgun cartridges
-2- holsters with -46- shotgun cartridges
-2- laminated IDs with the photo of the 36-year-old in a Greek Police uniform
– police uniform jacket and trousers
Wallet with a metal badge of the Greek Police
– full face hood

The two men were taken to the Security Sub-Directorate of West Attica, where the vehicle in question was confiscated, inside which there was a ready-to-use police lighthouse, a loudspeaker, with sound signals similar to those used by police patrols, as well as blue lights. at the front that resemble those carried by emergency vehicles.


A search of the 70-year-old’s home turned up and confiscated:

– air pistol
– 150 metal balls
– 5 gas ampoules
– knife
– police bar
– pistol case

The arrested, with the case file formed by the Security Sub-Directorate of West Attica, were taken to the Athens Public Prosecutor for Misdemeanors.

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