“The shipping companies have said that they will present serious discounts,” emphasized the Minister of Shipping and Island Policy, Miltiadis Varvitsiotisspeaking to SKAI 100.3 and Ari Portosalte.

Regarding what came out of the meeting with the coastguards, Mr. Varvitsiotis emphasized:

“The shipping market has been liberalized since 2005. There is free routing and companies can have the tariffs they want and give them to the public.

There are islands that are reached by many ships from different companies and there is price competition. There are tickets from 30 euros to 70 euros, depending on the ship the passenger wants to travel. We are satisfied with the prices there.

There is competition there. But where there is a monopoly, there is none.

We had a chat with the coastguards. It is true that in recent years their market has not fared very well. The covid was heavy for coastal shipping and it was not easy for the companies to cover the damage of the two years, which is estimated at more than 3 million euros.

On whether the government was too late to act since the tickets for the summer holidays have been booked, Mr. Varvitsiotis emphasized:

“It is estimated that 4 million people will be trafficked in the next two months. 1 million tickets have been sold and of those, a large portion of those who have booked their tickets are groups of foreigners. So 3 million more tickets remain to be booked.

What we discussed with the atoplouis is that they must take on a part of the crisis, come up with packages that will not make holidays impossible for Greek citizens with the aim of satisfying the family that with 3-4 people and their car wants to go holidays.

Coasters said that they will present in the next few days, today, tomorrow, serious discounts.

It’s not something we say because we have to support society but because there can’t be such a long distance in reducing fuel and maintaining ticket prices.”

End, as far as the equivalent is concerned which concerns the permanent residents of the islands, Mr. Varvitsiotis emphasized that “the sums concerning up to last year have been paid and this year’s difference remains”.