In the video taken by security camera next-door brothel, the police investigations are focused on brutal murder of the 46-year-old transgender woman from Cuba.

According to his report , police are reviewing video footage from a nearby brothel’s security camera that shows her unfortunate 46-year-old entering her apartment with a man.

As estimated by the homicide department it is about the man who violently cut the thread of her life.

According to the SKAI report a broken glass jar was found inside the unfortunate woman’s apartmentpart of which appears to have been used by her killer.

The victimit is noted that she bore multiple marks on her body which may indicate that there had been a struggle. There are no signs of a break-in in the apartment, while the house is disturbed, which leads the authorities to estimate that the perpetrator was looking for something.

Investigations by the authorities are now in full swing to clarify everything the dark parts of the case.

THE 46 years old who lived for the last few years in our country and resided in the ground floor apartment on Phylis Street, she was quite active in the LGBTI+ community.