Dramatic twist made for a family from Heraklion, Crete, the decision to take a carefree walk near Archanes, together with their beloved dog.
As they complain to Cretalive, the walk ended in the death of the quadruped after acute poisoning, which – according to what is reported – was caused when the dog was found in a stream in the area.

Despite the superhuman efforts of a veterinarian in Heraklion to save the unfortunate animal, this was not possible and the dog ended up justs 20 hours after contact twith the poison.

According to the owner of the dog, families with children and the dog went for a walk in the Archana Gorge, (a little below the Biological and a little above the Aqueduct that goes down to Agia Irini, passes through Knossos and ends at the sea, inside the port of Heraklion).
“When we went down the path, we noticed that it smells a little bad where the water from the stream pools. In fact, on the banks of the river, there was material black like an amorphous mass. That’s where the dog came in, walked and stepped on the black stuff. The dog was white but its legs turned black. He licked them to clean them. When we got home I washed him but I noticed that he was not in good health” emphasizes the owner of the dog.