The number of visitors to the coastal areas of the prefecture of Larissa has also increased this summer season. And as the heat wave is in progress, vacationers, tourists, but also visitors who choose to escape for a few hours from the city of Larissa, are planning their “escape” to the coastal areas of the Municipality of Agia.

The increased traffic this summer also has the characteristic that punctuality affects the choices of the Greek family. As the vice-president of the association of beach shopkeepers of the prefecture of Larisa explains to APE-MBE, Vassilis Kandylaris, “this year, visitors choose to make their holidays more “economical”, while there are not a few who consume less, or choose products and services based on low cost”.

“Especially this year, Greek visitors choose to have a low-cost vacation on the beaches of the Larissa prefecture. The reason is that a large portion cannot financially cope with the precision that exists in everyday life and enjoy their holidays as in the past” noted Mr. Kandylaris and added: “Many families who find it difficult to cope with the increased cost of their everyday life, seek now also the lowest prices, for their holidays, especially in the consumption of food and drink, often choosing the cheapest from the catalogs of the companies. Punctuality has had a negative impact on the Greek family, a fact that is also reflected in catering businesses”.

Among other things, Mr. Kandylaris emphasized that this season has an additional feature, stressing that foreign tourists, mainly from Europe, are expected to arrive in the coastal areas of the prefecture of Larissa and the interest is intense, as there are significant reservations in the area’s accommodations. Foreign tourists, even from Germany, seem to choose the area of ​​the Municipality of Agia, looking for alternative destinations, away from the crowds. These visitors will mainly arrive during the period, which starts after the end of August and until October. At the same time, he noted that again this year the Balkan visitors have chosen for their holidays, as every year, the regions of the prefecture of Larissa, which shows that for some tourists the beaches of the Municipality of Agia have become a fixed destination.

It is worth noting that in recent years the area has managed to consistently attract both the residents of the wider areas of Larissa for their summer holidays, but also foreign tourists from the Balkans and Europe.

The coastline on the coast of the prefecture of Larissa reaches 50 kilometers starting approximately from the beach of Mylos Glymeni on the border with the prefecture of Magnesia and reaching Messagala and Kastri Loutro on the border of the prefecture of Pieria. In these approximately 50 kilometers there are more than 20 wonderful beaches and small coves in the shadow of Mavrovouni, Kissavos and Olympus.