Since the beginning of the summer season, the Coast Guard has recorded dozens of violations in professional and private marine recreational vessels as well as in the lifeguard coverage of the beaches, while legal sanctions will be imposed on the violators.

In particular, the Coast Guard has carried out 2,457 checks on professional marine recreational vehicles recording 170 violations, 2,238 checks on private recreational vehicles with 310 violations and 1,497 checks on the lifeguard coverage of the beaches with 333 violations.

The Ministry of Shipping in a statement states that the Coast Guard has received clear orders from the Minister of Shipping and Island Policy, Mr. Miltiadis Varvitsiotis, to further intensify existing controls during the current summer period, during which there is an increased engagement of professionals in economic and professional activities relating to marine recreation.

Additional guidance was also given to Port Authorities regarding recreational marine businesses that hire out craft that do not require a speedboat operator’s license, in order to instruct charter operators on the safer use of the particular recreational craft.

The controls are carried out based on the order of the competent service of the Coast Guard Headquarters – Hellenic Coast Guard (Coast Police Directorate), which was forwarded to the local port authorities, while their recording is carried out through a single digitized system of inspections and controls.