“Multiple sclerosis is curable,” Dr Kontos claims – New victims’ testimonies

“Multiple sclerosis is curable,” Dr Kontos claims – New victims’ testimonies

Two women with multiple sclerosis who were convinced that their disease was curable and were left in the “treatments” of “Doctor Kontos” testified before the mixed jury court for the diverse action of the 48-year-old pseudo-doctor and his co-accused in the hexapods.

Both women came in contact with the accused “Dr Kontos” in a monastery in Pelion, where, as they described, they encountered an image with dozens of believers who gathered to examine them in a place that had been formed as a convalescent home, with a medical bed.

The first witness, a teacher, testified that she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2011 and was receiving injectable treatment without recurrence.

According to the witness, in the summer of 2016, in the disputed monastery, she learned from an old woman that “a doctor was visiting the Monastery and had cured a nun of cancer and how he could cure my own illness”.

The witness stated that when the accused went to see her, “there were a lot of people gathered in the monastery with the exams in their hands. They were waiting since morning.

Mr. Kontos came with another gentleman. He went, worshiped and then went to a place with a medical bed and people went there, like a convalescent home. I saw him at midnight. He told me that the injections I give cause me problems and that sclerosis is curable. I asked him what I owed you and he replied “your love”. He gave me a piece of paper with his e-mail written by Nikolaos Kontos, Neurologist-surgeon … I stopped the injections the very next day … I had to do a new magnetic.

I was texting him because he was late in sending me the food and in the meantime I had stopped the injections. I sent him wishes, but he did not answer. At one point he replied that it was a holiday and finally passed my diet in a bottle. Then I realized that he was sending the same food to everyone … “said the witness, also saying that through the old woman she got the vials that the accused left for her in the monastery.

The woman described the suffering with the pains in her stomach and legs that she started to feel following the “treatment” given to her by the “distinguished oncologist” at the beginning of 2018, who, when she told him about the problems she had acquired, reassured her. “With the drops I had terrible stomach pains, I was folding. He told me to reduce the drops, but I would delay the treatment. I was carrying a bag of bottles, I put them in the school fridge, I did a lesson with pains.”

According to the witness in the court, “Doctor Kontos” asked her in the course of her “treatment”, 3,320 euros, which she handed him in a file at the office of a diagnostic center in Athens, where she went with her husband. There, according to her testimony, “I asked him, ‘how did you find the cure?’. ‘He started telling us about his teacher who had cancer and he and his team found a cure.’ “Will the drugs with the poisons allow me to say that I found the cure? ‘, he told me”.

The witness testified that at the end of 2018 he had a major relapse: “I was talking as if I had a stroke. Then the neurologist sent me to take cortisone. I could not walk even 100 meters … I thought that his treatment did not work for me. “I could not believe he was not even a doctor. If you searched the internet there was a name Nikolaos Kontos in Switzerland, but with a different photo.”

Crying, the woman wondered why she had to suffer all this suffering that had an adverse effect on her health: “I do not understand, why did I have to suffer this? I do not know … The light drugs I was taking do not catch me now. If not I was taking what he gave me, I would be like before. Now I am taking heavier drugs. I have lost all my immune system, I have tests every 15 days, I constantly check my eyes for macular degeneration. why did he do that … “.

The second patient with multiple sclerosis, testified that “Doctor Kontos” told her, in the monastery where she saw him, that she is very lucky that she has not started treatments. “He told me that we would defeat the monster and that I would get well soon. He gave me some drops and supplements. I thought he was a terrible doctor. There were queues at the monastery to see him.”

The witness told the court that she did not notice that her health condition had deteriorated due to the “treatments” of the accused, although, as she said, in recent magnetic examinations she showed a tumor. The woman testified that she paid a total of 30 thousand euros to “Dr Kontos”. He even noted that one of the payments was made at the office of a private clinic in Athens, where he gave him the money in a file.

The trial is set to begin on January 25.

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