The fire that has been burning since early afternoon in Kouvaras is characterized as particularly difficult. Right now the fire is on the ridge of the first mountain above Kalyvia, with strong winds of 6 to 7 Beaufort and gusts of 8, making aerial drops difficult.

In the area, according to government sources, patrol tractors, 2 S-64 helicopters, an AB-214 and a coordinating BK-117 operate in the area, in addition to the ground ones.

The fire – which burns low vegetation (mainly holly trees) which makes it easy to spread – is heading south, has passed towards the second largest mountain to Melissourgos – Trambouroa (that’s why 112 was also issued) and there is a danger in the next two hours to go down to the beach of Kalyvion – Anavyssos.

Fire department, Civil Protection in cooperation with the mayor have set up a coordination center at the point and a precautionary evacuation has been requested from Melissourgos to Anavyssos via Anavyssos Ave.

Citizens are advised to follow the instructions of the Police and Fire Department.

The traffic police has stopped traffic in the area of ​​the new Kouvaras on Lavriou Avenue from Souniou Avenue to the provincial road of Kouvaras in both traffic streams.

In addition, according to EKAB sources, the neighboring Health structures have been put on standby by the KEPY-EKAB. 2 ambulances and a motorcycle of the EKAV Rapid Response Team have been sent to the scene for coverage. At the moment the EMS has received 2 calls, for a respiratory incident and for a possible stroke which they are already trying to transfer. The single Operations Center of EKAV is in constant communication with the Operations Center of the PS.