Large operation to rescue animals from the front of the fire in Southeast Attica and their transfer to a safe place is ongoing under the supervision of the Special Secretariat for the Protection of Companion Animals.

In consultation with municipalities and volunteers, vehicles are being sought which are directed to stables and animal shelters in the wider area of ​​Kalyvia and Effervesce in order to transport them to Galatsi, to the site of the old quarries, where the local Municipality has taken all the necessary actions to accommodate animals.

In a post on social networks, the Special Secretariat appeals to the citizens of the area where the fire is raging to evacuate the shelters together with the animals even as a precaution and urges those who need animal rescues and trucks to transport them to call 2131364020.

“We already have shelters where most of the animals have been burned. The situation looks increasingly desperate,” the post reads.

At the same time, the Kalyvian Equestrian Club “St. George”. The stables are located at the 10th km of Kalyvion – Anavyssos Avenue. Contact phone: 6945013006