on July 14, the cross-branch allied action named “Neptune Strike 23-2” carried out with the participation of land, naval and air forces as well as NATO Special Operations Forces, under the command and control of the headquarters of the Naval Force, was successfully completed Striking and Support Forces (Naval Striking and Support Forces NATO – STRIKFORNATO) of NATO.

As announced today by GEETHA, the action took place in the wider maritime area of ​​the Adriatic Sea, the Ionian Sea and the Southeast Mediterranean as well as in areas of mainland Greece.

The action was implemented from July 10 to 14 and was aimed at conducting and controlling the procedures for the smooth transfer of authority (Transfer of Authority – ToA) from the commander of the US European Command (USEUCOM) to the Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) and subsequently to the STRIKFORNATO Commander of Carrier Strike Group 12 (CSG-12) which includes the USS GERALD R. FORD aircraft carrier with its organic aircraft and escort ships.


The Armed Forces participated with the 2nd ACE (Aeronautical Control of Air Defense Means – Aerial Image Synthesis and Production Center) in Parnitha, for the coordination of air defense operations and the guidance of aircraft in the exercise areas, with 10 sorties of F-16 fighters, with the frigate “Lemnos” as well as with an officer on staff in the staff conducting the action.

Overall, the Armed Forces participated in the following complex operational scenarios:

● Air attack objects (Air Defense Exercise – ADEX).

● Close Air Support (CAS).

● Offensive Air Operations (Offensive Counter Air – OCA).

● Defensive Air Operations (Defensive Counter Air – DCA).

● Terminal guidance of fire by Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTAC) to attack targets.