The aerial and ground forces of the Fire Brigade operating in the wider area of ​​Kallithea are dealing with scattered fire outbreaks, in Bathhouse.

As the press representative of the Fire Department, Yiannis Artophios, said earlier speaking to SKAI, there was a big resurgence in Loutraki during the night, 1 km north of the national road to Agios Charalambos and that is where the active front is.

Since early this morning, five firefighting planes and a helicopter have been continuously dropping water, while four more planes and a helicopter are expected to operate immediately.

A strong ground force of the Fire Service, consisting of 120 firefighters with four teams of infantry divisions and 43 vehicles, fought the flames throughout the night and continue to work together with aerial means to contain the scattered outbreaks, deal with flare-ups and protect residential areas.

At Saronida there are several active foci and the active part is in Peta. 230 firefighters, 7 pedestrian units, 76 vehicles and 3 helicopters are operating at the scene, while another 2 helicopters have been activated.

The fire in Caparelli Boiotia (where two arrests were also made) is contained.