The mayor of Athens referred to the emergency measures of the Municipality of Athens for protection from the heat wave, Kostas Bakoyannis, speaking to the TV station ANT1.

In a live connection from the New World Friendship Club, Mr. Bakoyannis referred to the seven air-conditioned rooms, where the elderly can come all day, drink their coffee or juice and eat their food, in the presence of nurses.

He even reminded that in 24-hour Line “1595” of the Municipality of Athens can be called by anyone who needs any help.

“My biggest fear right now is the lonely people who are locked in their apartments. If someone in a house, in the center of Athens, feels discomfort or faces any difficulty, please do not hesitate to call 1595. If someone does not have a means of transportation, call this line and an employee of the Municipality of Athens will come to take them to the Friendship Club.”

The mayor of Athens also referred to the action of street work, of the groups that these days are walking around the city trying to convince the homeless to go to the structures to protect themselves from the heat, sending them a big “thank you” for their contribution.

Mr. Bakoyiannis emphasized the importance of open free spaces in the city during the period of very high temperatures. “Our parks and groves are all open, from him Philopappou and Lykavittos to the pocket parks we have created, but also the parks throughout the city. I want to say a big thank you to the volunteers who help us and guard the green spaces, to our people who are there with the water tankers, the Municipal Police who supervise from morning to night with drones over the green spaces to prevent evil. The effort of the Municipality of Athens is very great on all fronts”.

Appeal to residents to dispose of waste after 17.00

The mayor of Athens pointed out that following the circular of the Ministry of Labor, during the hottest hours of the day – from 11 am to 5 pm – no works are carried out in the municipality nor do the services work, except those related to civil protection, such as street work and the municipal police.

Especially on the issue of waste, Mr. Bakoyannis appealed to Athenians to avoid leaving garbage in the bins from 11 am to 5 pm, as cleaning services do not operate during this period. “In the heat, we don’t need to have the smells, but also the image of full bins. Our services will come out from 17.00 onwards and will collect them as quickly as possible. Please make it easier for us, make it easier for the city too,” he concluded.

Mr. Bakoyiannis also referred to special care of the Municipality of Athens for the city’s stray animals. “We have 150 watering points for dogs and cats in the neighborhoods, which we make sure to renew so that they always have fresh water. Of course we also have “Socrates”, our shelter for strays, which has a swimming pool inside for the dogs to cool off”.