Reporting by Makis Synodinos

Would-be burglars prove to be resourceful, constantly inventing new tricks in order to break into houses. Especially in the summer months when the owners lock the apartments and leave for their summer holidays, the burglars “get” to work.

In the video taken by a camera of an apartment building in Patisia, it appears that the would-be burglar has climbed the floors and is spying on the doors of the apartments. His intention is to check which of the apartments the owners are missing on vacation in order to break into it.

The trick he does is simple but effective.

He bends down and at the bottom of the door at the point where it joins the frame, he places a small piece of transparent silicone, difficult to detect with the eye of the home owner.

The next day he returns and checks from which door, the transparent silicone he had placed has come off so this means the door was opened and the owner is still in the capital.

However, if the silicone remains stuck in place, then this means that the owner has probably gone on vacation and therefore his apartment is an easy target for the would-be burglar.