Due to the high temperatures, the risk of fire in Attiki is extreme for today Sunday – State of alarm (risk category 5).

“In these difficult times, we must protect our Attica parks as the apple of our eye – Only yesterday, 300 incidents of fires caused by negligence were reported to the Fire Department throughout the country,” the Region of Attica said in its announcement yesterday.

Due to the meteorological forecasts, the Region of Attica has proceeded to close the Parks under its jurisdiction (Tritsi Park, Areos Field, Attiko Grove and Finopoulos Hill) for the following reasons:

1. In these very difficult times when there are still fire fronts in areas of Attica, while significant green areas have already burned, we must protect the parks and groves of our Attica as the apple of our eye, as they are critical environmental areas and important green “lungs” for the citizens. We don’t have the slightest chance of losing another green

2. Just yesterday, 300 cases of accidental fire were reported to the fire service throughout Greece. Therefore, no one can safely rule out the possibility of a fire in some green area of ​​Attica due to negligence.

3. In these critical moments when the temperatures hit “red” throughout Attica we must intensify all preventive actions to protect our parks and groves, as any intentional malicious action which is likely to have disastrous consequences cannot be ruled out.

4. It is imperative that there are no visitors in the Parks, not only to avoid the case of arson, but mainly so that lives are not at risk in the inevitable event of a fire, while at the same time the fire crews can easily extinguish it.