A 75-year-old Dutchman, a permanent resident of Zakynthos, was arrested yesterday afternoon in Laganas, against whom a criminal case was filed for attempted murder against a 49-year-old Briton, also a permanent resident of the island, and violations of the weapons legislation.

According to reports, the 75-year-old was in his home in Lagana, Zakynthos, when he attacked the 49-year-old Briton with a “machete-type” knife, injuring him in the neck and hands.

The patient was taken for first aid to Zakynthos Hospital, where he was given first aid, without being in danger of life.

The Brit claims that there had been a previous fight via an online platform between himself and the 23-year-old granddaughter of the perpetrator and went to the house of the arrested, to ask the reason.

According to information from ERT Zakynthos, last year the 49-year-old Briton was renting a room in the business maintained by the Dutchman, from which he was evicted. Then he wrote bad reviews on a corresponding online platform about the accommodation. The granddaughter of the 70-year-old perpetrator made some posts against the Briton, and he went to “ask her for the word”. Her grandfather was there and the perpetrator, who also attacked him with the machete.

In an investigation that followed by the police at the 75-year-old’s home, they found and confiscated:

• the “machete-type” knife – with a blade length (55) centimeters used by the perpetrator,

• 0.22 mm caliber revolver, • air rifle,

• sword with a blade length (19) centimeters,

• a knife with a blade length (21) centimeters,

• hunting binoculars, • electrical discharge device (taser),

• 17 cartridges with a caliber of 0.22 mm,

• 9 mm caliber cartridge,

• 24 hunting cartridges and

• 2 mobile phones.

A preliminary investigation into the case was carried out by the Security Department of Zakynthos, in which the 23-year-old citizen is included, after the victim (49-year-old) sued her for the crime of defamation.

The arrested person will be taken to the Criminal Prosecutor of Zakynthos.