The world record for recorded loggerhead turtle spawning was “broken” by a turtle in Zakynthos, according to an announcement by ARCHELON – Association for the Protection of Sea Turtles.

The lucky spotted turtle, first spotted in Zakynthos in 1986 and named Gaia, was once again recorded by ARCHELON’s trained researchers/volunteers nesting at Sekania beach in Zakynthos this year, thus confirming, 37 whole years of reproductive life.

The previous record was set by a turtle laying eggs for 36 years in Florida, USA.

This important announcement by ARCHELON puts our country at the center of global scientific data on sea turtles and certifies the long-term systematic effort of the Association that has been active for 40 years on the nesting beaches of Karetta in our country.

This summer, ARCHELON records a high number of nests in all spawning areas in Greece.

Specifically, more than 1800 nests have been recorded in Zakynthos – less than the maximum number of nests in 1995 -, more than 4300 nests in the southern Kyparissia Gulf – the largest number of nests ever recorded in the area -, around 355 nests in the Laconic Gulf, over 220 nests in Rethymnon, around 300 in Chania and over 230 in Messara, Crete – the most nests recorded in the latter two areas since 1995..