Information about a dead breeder has been confirmed in Prodromos Voitotias due to the fire that has broken out in the area.

According to the police it is about old shepherd (about 80 years old) in Hostia, who after receiving the message from 112 ran to his sheepfold to save his animals, but he lost his life.

As it became known from the Fire Department, a woman called the operations center and reported that the shepherd had left for his sheepfold immediately after the fire broke out. Firefighters rushed to the scene where they found the elderly shepherd dead, but the fire had not yet reached the scene. But there were thick smokes. It is likely that this contributed to him losing his life. The cause of death will be determined by the autopsy.

Message to the residents and vacationers of Saranti beach to move away to Thisbe was sent by 112after the fire that broke out in Prodromos Boiotias. At the point they blow strong winds.

At the point they attempt 44 firefighters, 1 foot unit and 16 vehicles approached the front of the fire. They rose from the air three aircraft and one helicopter.

Another message was sent earlier by 112 in order for residents to be ready to evacuate.

Baker in SKAI: The fire is heading to Saranti beach, leave

It is a difficult front, residents please listen to the messages, leave. The fire is directed with mathematical precision in Sarantis based on the direction of strong winds, 9 Beaufort. We all have to be extremely careful for an hour. The utmost care is needed, he pointed out.

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Mayor of Thebes: “Some people did work”

A part of the settlement of Saranti is threatenedwe are trying to suppress the fire with the water carriers of Thebes, the mayor of Thebes told SKAI George Anastasiou.

The fire started because some people were doing work in the settlement of Hostia, unfortunately, confirmed the mayor. The settlement exceeds 800 people in the summer, said Mr. Anastasiou.

Meanwhile Coast Guard and fishing boats are on standby in the Sarantis sea area in Viotiafor the removal of citizens if required.

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