The continuous flare-ups of the fire on the front of the municipality of Nestos due to the strong winds blowing in the area, it particularly worries the representatives of the agencies in the great effort made by the fire brigade since yesterday afternoon to bring the fire under control. In the early afternoon, the mountainous village of Agios Kosmas in the municipality of Nestos east of Kavala was evacuated as a precaution as the fire spread towards the settlement.

The improved image of the fire in the morning hours today combined with the water drops from the air momentarily filled firefighters and volunteers with optimism, but unfortunately the continuous flare-ups are creating more and more problems.

In fact, the image even inside Kavala late in the afternoon was almost eerie. The dense smoke from the fire in Nestos due to the winds reached into the city and covered the sky, while the smell was particularly strong and ashes were suspended everywhere in the atmosphere.

The fire started in a forest area of ​​the village of Dialektos and with the force of the winds it created several fronts approaching populated areas of the municipality of Nestos. There are 33 firefighters operating in the area with a group of pedestrians and twelve vehicles. Four aircraft and four helicopters are helping from the air so far. In the extinguishing efforts so far, two firefighters were injured and are being treated at the General Hospital of Kavala, while a fire engine suffered serious material damage. The fire in Nestos is in its second 24-hour period and has so far burned many houses in the local communities of Avramylia and Gerontas, many sheep farms, olive groves and thousands of acres of grassland.