Particularly burdened of suspended particles, is air quality in Attica due to the fire in Parnitha, according to map issued by meteo/National Observatory.

The meteo reports characteristically: “As predicted by the YPATIA operational unit of the IEPBA Institute of the National Observatory of Athens, the air quality throughout the Attica Basin is gradually burdened by an increase in the concentrations of suspended particles PM2.5 especially in areas of the regional units Western Athens and Piraeus.

In particularly burdened areas it is recommended for vulnerable groups of the population (elderly, small children, people with cardiorespiratory diseases) to stay indoors, with closed windows.

Particulate matter concentrations reached 100 micrograms when the permissible limit is 20 micrograms and the World Health Organization defines especially for vulnerable groups that there should be no exposure above 10 micrograms.

The director of the Environment Institute of the National Observatory, Nikos Michalopoulos, presented the aforementioned marking of the grim imprint of the fire in Fyli, pointing out that western Attica and Piraeus are especially burdened, while particles from the fires in Evros “traveled” to the islands of the Ionian.

See the particle concentration map here