In full progress but clearly delimited is the fire that occurred in Asimi of Gortyna Municipality of Heraklion and came from flames in a forest area, late in the afternoon.

According to an update from the Coordinating Office at APE-MPE, the efforts of 30 firefighters with 14 vehicles resulted in the fire not spreading, while the extinguishing efforts of the ground forces are assisted by the members of the airborne team who arrived with a firefighting helicopter which makes throws.

The fire is currently in a stream in the area with heavy fuel and arable and partially forested land is burned without, however, threatening facilities and houses.

The fire brigades throughout Crete are on full alert with the readiness of the firefighters to be effective in the speed of intervention where flames arise.

On a day when the fires leave behind ash and debris almost all over the country, from Alexandroupoli to Parnitha, fortunately until today Crete has been particularly lucky in this part.

The fire brigades of the island have prevented all the fire fronts that have broken out in the last few days in many areas such as Venerato, Aptera, Kalyvia Monofatsiou, Ierapetra, Kyparissi, Archangelos etc.