Open for the public it will be tthe gorge of Samaria after 11 days. After the autopsy of the scientific team, led by Efthymis Lekka, it emerged that the Forest is safe and according to the announcement of OFYPECA, a responsible declaration will not be needed for the entry of visitors.

Following the autopsies that were carried out in the Samaria Gorge, on August 21st by the Crete Regional Unit of the Hellenic Geological and Mineral Research Authority (E.A.G.M.E.) and on August 22nd by the scientific team of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens headed by Prof. Lekka, at the request of the O.FY.PE.K.A. and presence of its executives, it emerged that safety levels have returned to pre-earthquake levels on August 13.

At the same time, in the previous days the path was cleared of rock falls and the path is fully accessible.

Following the above, the O.FY.PE.K.A. informs that the gorge of Samaria will be accessible for visitors from Thursday, August 24, without providing an individual declaration.