While the fire on the south side of Parnitha (the one seen from Athens) presented an improved picture, he started one barrage of successive fires on its north side Parnitha and specifically by Avlona until Shikamenos.

In first photo you see the trio of homes that entered at 08:57 and at second the other three that entered consecutively at 09:47, as detailed in Vassilis Kikilia’s statement.


The statement of the Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection Vassilis Kikilia on the arson in detail

“At the time when the forces of the Fire Brigade, our volunteers and all the Civil Protection are fighting huge battles to deal with fires that occur throughout the territory and some of them are taking on uncontrollable dimensions due to the stormy winds, some arsonists are setting fires by setting endanger forests, properties and above all human lives.

At the foot of Mount Parnitha, in the Avlona area, there were 9 arson attempts from 8 am.

8:13 Avlonas area, first attempt.

8:57: Sikamenos/ Avlona area three attempts

9:47: Shikamino/Avlona area three more attempts

10:51: North of Avlona, ​​an attempt.

12:02: North of Avlona, ​​at the foot of Mount Parnitha, an arson attempt which took on proportions.

What is happening is not just impermissible, but obscene and criminal.

A silver semi-truck possibly involved in the incidents has been identified. Suspects are being brought in.

The Fire Brigade Investigation, mainly the Greek Police and anyway the EYP will do everything to arrest the arsonists

You are committing a crime against the country. You will not be spared. We will find you and you will be held accountable to Justice.”