Information meeting of the Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection Vas. Kikilia, on the situation of the fire fronts in Evros, takes place in Alexandroupolis, in a hall of the airport Demokritos, where the minister arrived earlier.

The meeting is attended by the Deputy Minister of Rural Development and Food, Member of Parliament for Evros, St. Keletsis, the regional governor of An. Macedonia and Thrace Chr. Metsios, the deputy regional governor D. Petrovich, the mayor of Soufliou Pan. Kalakikos as well as representative of the municipality of Alexandroupoli

After the meeting, as it became known, the minister will fly to the affected areas from the fires in Evros, with super puma.

According to the Fire Department the main front of the Evros fire is located in the area of ​​Leptokarya, while flare-ups occurred during the night in Dadia. Strong ground firefighting forces, along with volunteer firefighters and Armed Forces forces, are participating in the operations in Evros, while 4 aircraft and 3 helicopters started dropping water from the first light of day.