The day is much better in Evros and Rodopi, the representative of the fire department, Yiannis Artopaios, told SKAI 100.3 while regarding the main fronts on which the fire brigades have focused their efforts, he replied that there are two.

This is a front towards the Rhodopes between Kirki and Kassitera and one in the area of ​​Kotronia northwest of Dadia where the firefighting forces have managed to trap the fire in a ravine, said Mr. Artophios.

Referring to the 15 fires that started at the same time ten days ago in the area of ​​Alexandroupolis, he said that “the evidence shows that they cannot be due to anything other than human activity, whether it was a deliberate act or an involuntary act”.

Regarding the criticism of the quick mobilization of the aerial means, the representative of the fire department noted that “a fire that broke out early in the morning cannot have aerial means as they could not be flown at that time according to international protocols»

Mr. Artophios also emphasized that the fire starts in Alexandroupolis are being controlled by the investigative department, the fire brigade, the police and the EYP